I’d rather write…

I’d rather write my words on a cassette and press play.



My Explanation

I wish I had a reason, but I don’t; all I have is a why.

Because I never want anyone just like me to feel alone.

Because I know what it’s like to not know what it’s like until what it’s like knows you.

Because fear was my default too.

Because everyone says love yourself but no one says how.

Because I thought a few pounds shredded was enough to make me feel alive.

Because transparency is my favorite word.

Because I was too a Christian that knew not Christ.

Because I too served a God I had only heard about.

Because my imagination was to big for my reality.

Because I too thought positive thinking would be enough.

I wish I had a reason, but I don’t; all I have is a why.

p.s. : Because I too never made excuses, I just thought them.



ENON forward is None


Never let none be all you have.  We were created before we were born. None was not apart of the creation but instead all was made available.

If you need clarity, look within. There is no thing clearer than transparency.

If there is clutter there is shame, if there is shame there is disappointment, if there is disappointment there is none to blame but self.

Expectation is only belief; a lair delights in the gullible.

If none is all you have then you have nothing to lose.

There is all truth in the Truth, there is little to none in the lie.