This post is to a person I trust, at the moment that person does not have a name.

I don’t care to know who you are.
All I want to do is free my thoughts.
I’m thinking about many things right now. Things that I don’t even know I’m thinking about. My Spirit is thinking. My Soul is thinking. However, my inner thoughts won’t allow me to hear the outer ones.
Although I am thinking, at this point I’m not certain of what’s actually being thought about.
Do I ever overwhelm you? With my thoughts I mean. Does it ever get too heavy for you?
Well, for me it does that’s why I free them. If I trust you I am sure you know about the extent of my imagination. How it is similar to elastic because it’s always stretching.
I wonder will it ever burst. I doubt it. It was created to expand. I was created to stretch.
I think if my faith was as limitless as my imagination the God I serve would be pleased beyond limitation.
I am tired friend/love one or who ever you are. But not the way you’re probably thinking.
I am tired of mediocre faith, it just not enough for me anymore.
Have you ever consider God-like Faith? I have. I thought about it today.
I said to myself what kind of Faith does it take to create the entire Earth with only words. What kind of faith does it take to send your sinless Son as a sacrifice to redeem a sinful people. Did God ever doubt that we would repent and reject all manners of evil to fulfill righteousness? Did He ever doubt that there would be Light before or when He spoke it into existence? Does He ever doubt me?
Honestly I think His faith is unwavering. But it’s different to see it from His eyes. It’s like He’s saying to me “but Green I never doubted you, I trusted you when I couldn’t see you, I held on to your promises when I couldn’t hear you. I never left you I always believed what you told me no matter how it looked.”
I could only be speechless, honestly how could I respond selfishly to The Truth. What could I really say that would validate doubt? If God is able to trust me what valid reason do I have not to trust Him.
Thanks for letting me release.

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